Addryn Thane, the Dark Knight.

Addryn Thane was born about two hundred years ago and was ordained into the Orlothian paladins at an early age. He was known throughout his order for strength of his faith and beliefs. He quickly passed up the ranks soon becoming Lord Commander of the Legions and was being groomed for the position of Speaker. When he was about forty, he met and married a young girl from the Tamaraith Highlands. He gave up his position as Lord Commander and traveled to the Highlands where he and his wife started a farm.

There he spent several years in idyllic harmony with his wife and family. After about fifteen years the area where he left was scourged by a savage pestilence. He alone of his family survived. Addryn was distraught, torn between the love of his family and his religious beliefs. Addryn began to search for a way to bring back his family from the dead. After five years of searching he found a mage who said he could perform the task. Addryn agreed and the mage tried to resurrected the souls of Addryn’s family. Orloth, angered by the mages attempts to interfere with his realm, cursed them both to eternal life. Unfortunately, the curse meant that even though their bodies would decay and wither away, their souls would never enter Orloth's realm.

Addryn has become twisted and warped throughout the years and became a loyal follower of Balor the Destroyer. He has tried many times to bring about the destruction of the Church of Orloth. His latest and most deadly plan was to free the bound elder dragon Maelwyth to ravage the world.

Addryn is a formidable opponent and virtually indestructible. Orloth's curse prevents him from entering the afterlife and he has learnt the skill of taking over bodies for his spirit to live in. Unfortunately the bodies immediately begin to decay. In order to live in normal society he is forced to continually change from body to body.

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