Quarthen is found in north-central Kaylonna. There is no system central of government, each city is ruled by an Exarch - a mixture of high priestess and queen. The Exarchs work together to control the future of Quarthen and her colonies. Quarthen society is based on a strict caste system. A large portion of the population are slaves, though they are very well treated by the native Quarthens. Though slaves are considered property, their maltreatment is a capital offence. For many, being captured by a Quarthen slaver has bought about a better life. Despite this, the Quarthen are expansionistic and politically shrewd. They have colonies dotted around the Northlands and the Inner Sea and enclaves in many cities.

The Quarthen society is matriarchal, believing that you can prove which mother gave birth to a child - not who fathered it. The Exarchs are nearly all female. Quarthens also openly worship Hesburr, a belief that brings them into conflict with many of the Phaedra worshipping nations.

Government: Plutocracy, ruled by council of merchants
Population: 120,000
Major Towns: Dar'Vaer, Dar'Tianna, Dar'Sil, Dar'Nyr, Dar'Maer, Dar'Thas, Dar'Shan, Skarrad, Torkrest, Odyr, Malzar, Faara, Aaren, Larwood, Kalsa, Albrorn, Kelkos, Inveryr, Fallor, Kayara, Correth, Radigan
Allied With: None
Neutral To: None/td>
Enemies With: Azoral, Bosque, Midwinter


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