The Creation

In the Beginning.

In the heavens countless numbers of stars litter the sky. But beyond the edge, where the stars end, lies the realms of Chaos. In the depths of this realm lies the Beast. No one knows where It came from or who created It. The Beast IS chaos, It lives for nothing but destruction and change. It seeks to bring an end to the order and stability maintained by the Gwrien the Creator.

To this end the Beast sought to gain entry into our universe. It tore with mighty claws at the barrier that lies between our universe and the Chaos, rending huge holes in the barrier. Raw Chaos flowed in to the universe followed by the Beast itself. The Chaos flowed into the universe and mixed with the fabric of the universe forming grotesque creatures. These creatures became known as Demons and they spread destruction across the universe. Gwrien was maddened by the destruction caused by the Dragon and went forth from the Halls of Peace to hunt the Beast and It's Demons. Gwrien toiled to find and destroy the forces of Chaos, but their numbers proved to be too many.


The Greater Gods.

So Gwrien took a star and quelled it's fires. From it's heart He crafted twelve bodies, six men and six women. Then Gwrien took His blood and placed it in the lifeless bodies. Then Gwrien infused their bodies with a portion of His own spirit and Named them, breathing life into them. The Greater Gods were born.

Gwrien and the Greater Gods left the Halls and returned to do battle with the forces of Chaos. At the rift to the Realm of Chaos the Beast confronted them, surrounded by Demons. Gwrien and the Greater Gods surged forth and entered into battle with the Chaos. For days the battle raged and one by one the Beast's Demons were destroyed or forced back into the Chaos, until only the Beast remained.

The battle that followed shook the universe. Days passed as the Gods fought ceaselessly to defeat the Beast. Slowly they forced the Beast back to the Rift and with a great effort, the Greater Gods dragged the Beast back through the Rift. While they held back the Beast, Gwrien wove mighty spells and began to seal the Rift. As He neared completion of the spell he called out to the Greater Gods to return to him. One by one they departed through the rift until only three remained, still holding back the Beast. One of them, Balor, cried out to Gwrien to close the Rift while they held the Beast in check. Gwrien closed the Rift, trapping the three Greater Gods in the realms of Chaos.

Tired and wounded, the Gods returned to the Halls of Peace. Gwrien feared that the rift would open again so Gwrien charged the Greater Gods with the task of guarding the Rift to ensure the safety of the universe.



Phaedra, Jotun and Tallyn set out to create a place for the gods to live. Jotun took part of his flesh and formed a round world floating in space. Tallyn shed his tears over the land, creating the lakes and seas. Lastly, Phaedra took her blood and cast in into the heavens, creating a burning sun to light the world.

After the creation of the world, Gwrien prepared to depart the world, to continue his fight against The Beast. Before leaving he gathered the Gods together.

"I am leaving to continue my fight," He told them, "All I ask of you is that one of you guards the Rift and that one of you listens for My voice, for I may need you."

Ramis stepped forward, "I will guard the Rift." She said, "I will be forever vigilant." And then Samayn stood, "I will be Your voice in this world.", she said, "Through me You can speak to the other Gods."

"I thank you," said Gwrien, "Before I leave, I will grant you another gift." And Gwrien cast a mighty spell over the world, carpeting the land with trees and plants. He then cast another spell, creating animals to swim in the seas, fly in the air and run across the land. And finally Gwrien created the Twelve Tribes of Man and spread them across the world.

"The world is now yours," he said to the Greater Gods, "You have created a world upon which to live. I have populated with people to give you praise and worship you. Use your power wisely."

Then Gwrien left the world to continue his fight and the remaining Gods began their life on Gwelith.

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