Unique Flora.


These large deciduous trees are found in small numbers deep within Tanglewood Forest and throughout Starkwood Forest. It grows very tall and straight with smooth, dark brown bark and small pale green circular leaves. The blossom, which appears in early spring, is red with a yellow centre. In the Autumn it has large red fruit with a soft black nut in the centre.

The black heartwood of the tree is incredibly strong, hence it's name. It has excellent magic-absorption qualities and can make superlative items of great power. The powdered bark is used to cure infections and reduce swellings. The leaves, when brewed and made into a tea, can increase the drinker's healing rate. The soft nut can be eaten to relieve stunning effects. A brew made from the sap causes a prolonged burst of adrenaline and anger for many hours.

System Notes: Ironwood weapons are +3 and have +50 strength.
Bark - Powder, DC15 Craft Alchemy to prepare. Allows another save against diseases and poisons.
Leaves - Brew, DC20 Craft Alchemy to prepare. Double healing rate for 1 day.
Nut - Ingest, AF 3, Removes 2d6 rounds of stun.
Sap - Brew, DC25 Craft Alchemy to prepare. +2 alchemical bonus to hit/damage rolls for 12 hours. DC25 Will save to resist fighting.


These evergreen plants grow throughout the Wildlands and the north in cool deciduous forests. It's small white flowers appear in late autumn and give rise to small white berries which begin to appear after the first frosts of the winter. The bushy shrub grows about four feet high. The leaves are small and coloured a dark, glossy green with creamy yellow tips.

The plant has many medicinal properties, as well as it's ritualistic use in the winter solstice celebrations. A paste made from the flowers acts as a decongestant. A brew made from the root gives protection against the common cold and increases the recovery rate from respiratory illnesses. The powdered, dried berries are an analgesic and cause drowsiness and sleep.

System Notes:
Root - Brew, DC15 Craft Alchemy to prepare. +4 Alchemical bonus on saves vs respiratory diseases.
Berry - Powder, DC15 Craft Alchemy to prepare. Analgesic, causes sleep, DC15 Fortitude save to resist.
Flower - Paste, DC15 Craft Alchemy to prepare. Decongestant.

Phaedra's Kiss.

This rare flowering orchid is found only in the Hawbryn Swamp. It has a large red and black bloom but only flowers every two years. It is said to be proof against any poison.

System Notes:
Powder - Ingest, DC25 Craft Alchemy to prepare. Acts as a Remove Poison spell.


This plant grows in the southern badlands of the Wyrmsdown. It grows to only 12-15 inches in height but it's tendrils can spread for up to 25-30 feet. It is often found covering large areas, made up of many plants.

The plant itself is harmless but it's pollen is a powerful hallucinogen. The plant bears flowers in the late spring to early autumn. The oval blue berries are said to allow dream speech and have been linked with precognitative abilities.

The plant has cigar shaped leaves of a pale coppery colour and long, thin, green stems. Flowers are large and red, similar to wild roses. They are red in the centre, fading to yellow on the tips.

System Notes:
Pollen - Inhale/Ingest, DC25 Craft Alchemy to prepare. Hallucinogen. Cures mind loss and mental disease. DC25 Will save - failure gives no movement for 1-10 weeks, success gives no movement for 2-24 hours.
Berry - Ingest, DC25 Craft Alchemy to prepare. Euphoric, allows shared dreams with 50 miles/level.

Thorza Grass.

This silvery grass grows in the snowy valleys and mountains to the east of the Tamaraith Highlands. The young shoots, when crushed, emit a liquid that can cure mental illnesses. The liquid is made into a tea which need to be administered daily until the illness is cured.

The plant grows only for a short three month period during the arctic summer.

System Notes:
Grass - Brew, DC20 Craft Alchemy to prepare. Acts as a Lesser Restoration, but for Int, Wis, Cha stats only.

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