Free Companies

Listed below are several mercenary companies of note currently employed by the city.

The Blue Star Brigade.

This is a small company of heavy infantry operating out of Midwinter. They are very experienced, having worked the lands around the Tooze for over fifty years. They are still captained by their founder, Poran Yarle. The company symbol is a blue star on a white field.

Bronson's Eagles.

A medium sized company of medium infantry, operating out of Midwinter. The company has been running for over a century, formed by Bronson Trance, the current captain's great-grandfather. The current captain is Bronson IV. Their symbol is a red eagle on a yellow field.

Durgath's Heavy Foot.

This is a medium sized company of dwarven heavy infantry. Although it is operating as a mercenary company in human lands, it is made up of regular dwarven soldiers. The dwarven general, Durgath 'Goldaxe' Birland, create the company to train his best soldiers in human tactics and theatres of war. The company operates out of Nettlestone and is captained by Morgrimm Ironfist. The company standard is a golden axe on a blue field.

The Ivy League Runners.

This is a small company of skirmishers operating out of the Vale of Erryn. The company is captained by the elf Lordan Firon. The company standard is a wreath of green ivy leaves on a white background.

The Wildfires.

A new company, formed only ten years ago by 30th level magician Jacob Tassek. They a a magic- heavy group. The company standard is a burning dragon skull.

Frizzell's Frogmen.

This is a company of human marines from Kronda. Their captain, Frederico Frizzell, also owns two brigantines, The Cutter and The Angel. The company usually hires itself out as convoy guards or occasionally town raids. The company standard is a green frog on a blue background.

Black Lightning.

This a very large company, founded around three hundred years ago in Eldridge. They have their own base of operations, Castle Stellberg, on the coast between Zale and Cambria. The company has several commanders and may be deployed in smaller numbers depending on the job in question. The company standard is a black bolt of lightning on a red field. There are also a selection of siege engines, trebuchets, mangonels etc, available for the sappers.

Horvath's Hammers.

A medium sized company of Saith renegades, operating out of Eldridge. The founder, Rodri Horvath was a Saith chieftain who saw his clan destroyed by inter-clan rivalry. He formed the company from the remains of his own clan. The company standard is a silver hammer on a blue field.

The Red Wyverns.

This a small, but reputable, company based in Cambria. They are owned by Alleric Cailleach, a wealthy Cambrian landowner, who travels with the company. The company is commanded by Merryn Rhys. The company is famous for championing the underdog and only charges what buyers can afford. The standard is a red wyvern on a black field.

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