There are many languages spoken across the northern kingdoms. Listed below are the commonest and where they are spoken.

Ancient Languages.

  • Sammatic - Ancient language not natively spoken for over 4000 years. Some ancient magical texts or items may be written in Sammatic. The access obelisks for the extensive lay-line web are carved with Sammatic words. Now only known to a handful of loremasters and sages. The language is never spoken as the true pronunciation of the script has been lost.
  • Annan - Ancient language spoken throughout the Annan empire. Relatively well known amongst scholars and mages as many ancient and magical texts are written in the tongue.
  • Tibryn - An ancient language that is the source of many on Tarnberyth's modern languages. Rarely spoken and known to a few loremasters and scholars. Only found in old books, maps etc.
  • Aetharryn - The ancient High-Elven language. Many magical texts are witten in the langauge. Not spoken for over a thousand years.

Modern Human Languages.

  • Highlander - Spoken throughout the Highlands by the Tamaraith clans.
    • Vale - Highlander derivative. Spoken in the Vale of Erryn.
    • Vanloran -Highlander derivative. Spoken in Vanlor and parts of western Eldridge.
    • Gorlasan -Highlander derivative. Spoken in Gorlas and Andrea.
  • High Pendarish - Spoken by the ruling classes of Pendaran.
  • Tradespeak - Derivative of High Pendarish spoken by traders and travelers across the north. Not a true language as it has a small trade based vocabulary. Often augmented by the local language so does vary from country to country.
  • Saith - Spoken by the clansmen of Saith Island, the Saith kingdoms of Kaylonna and Tarnberyth and across Jotunland.
  • Eldran - A derivative of Tibryn/Annan spoken in Eldridge.
  • Hannoran - A derivative of Tibryn spoken in Hannor and Larosh.
  • Caladan - Another Tibryn derivative. Spoken in Calador, Velwyth and Dabron.
  • Cambrian - A Tibryn/Annan derivative. Spoken in Cambria and Orla.
  • Krondan - Spoken in Kronda. A Tibryn derivative.
  • Middian - A Tibryn derivative. Spoken in Midwinter.
  • Zalian - A Tibryn/Annan derivative spoken in Zale.
  • Tunan - Language of the Horselords of Ambledale.
  • Jabari - Spoken in the Al Jabar, and the Hammatic city-states.
  • Bwandi - Spoken by the savannah tribes of Jehilla and in the Black Kingdoms.
  • Lutari - Spoken by the Lutari gypsy clans.
  • Shamot - Spoken by bronze-age tribes of Starkwood
  • Thessan - Spoken by the Horse Nomads of the Thessali Desert.
  • Targan - Spoken by the barbarian tribes of the Targe and northern Wyrmsdown.
  • Quarthen -
  • Griffany -

Non-Human Languages.

  • Dwarrow - Language of the Dwarves.
  • Rhuak - Language of the Rhuakim tribes.
  • Inularryn - The language of the Wood Elves.
  • Ilaryn - Language of the Grey Elves, those who fled to the realm of the faerie.
  • Drutharyn - Spoken by the Shadow Elves, the Grey elves who were corrupted by Zaw.
  • Vashtuk - The Bugbear and Hobgoblin tongue.
  • Graduk - One of the main goblin tongues, spoken in the Goblin Marches and the Wyrmsdown.
  • Sheduk - One of the main goblin tongues, spoken by the western tribes.
  • Starruk - One of the main goblin tongues, spoken by the forest tribes of Starkwood far to the east.


  • Sammatic.
  • Annan.
  • Dwarrow.
  • Tibryn.
  • Jabaric.
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