Revenge - Chronicle Part 6

Al Jabar, September 1022TA - More Grey Wind, Frobisher Unveiled.

The dwarves are led by Vonjak Morieg, one of the Grey Wind members in Al JAbar. Soon another mage turns up, Taria al-Qahir, the other Grey Wind member in Al Jabar, and a summoned demon. Battle ensues and after a long fight the dwarves are defeated. Ash follows one who escapes back to Morieg's shop which they ransack for potions and scrolls.

That night Rowley & Luther use a Dreams III to find out any info on the hidden Oasis. Rowley gets no information but Luther says that we must 'Head to the setting sun' to find the oasis. 'Do Nothing' to gain the artifact and 'Use the Earth's Blood' to get back to Midwinter. So they prepare for a journey westward in to the desert.

That night, as they pore over maps of the Thessan Desert, they here the sounds of swords clashing outside there rented house. Rushing out they see Ash fighting another man, who they soon recognise to be Frobisher! As the rest run to Ash's aid, Frobisher steps back and teleports away.

Ash tells the party that Frobisher has been following their exploits for several months, posing as a crew member of the Rainbow. Frobisher had approached him asking him to help him steal the Flame from Luther to stop it being returned to the Church of Phaedra. Frobisher wanted Ash to betray his friends and ensure thet Frobisher got the Flame - regardless of the cost. Ash refused and battle ensued.

They are shocked by Ash's revelation, losing faith in Frobisher, Hawkwind and Ash. Rowley overhears Ash and Esla talking about Frobisher and 'Ethyrion'. Ash goes of with Esla to consider his future path while Rowley tells the others what he overheard. Ash returns having made peace with Esla and made the decision to continue with the party. They set off the next day.

Thessan Desert, September to December 1022TA - Across the Desert to the Oasis.

Using divinations and guidance from Phaedra, Luther leads the party into the desert. They follow the trails for over two months, far into the desert until Luther leads them off the well-traveled trails and into the dune sea. A week later they come across the Oasis of the Burning Sword, hidden by illusions and spells of misdirection. All the while, Luther is able to scry Frobisher following them across the desert.

They enter the oasis and are met by Salaq, head of the thirty or so monks who live at the oasis. He bids them to make camp in the oasis and as they pitch their tents and water their camels they hear more people entering the oasis. They rush from the tent to see Frobisher dismounting from his camel with Kallia Radimir at his side. A confrontation ensues with Ash and Frobisher squaring off at the center.

Then another shock appearance occurs - Leo Marelli, their old companion, appears behind Luther telling them to stop their fighting. He reveals that Luther is mentioned in an ancient Balor prophecy and his blood can be used to summon another Elder Dragon. Kharir is a Knight of Balor and his minions have recognised Luther and he is heading to the Oasis to take both the Flame and Luther. He tells them that they should all work together to defeat Kharir.

Oasis of the Burning Sword, 3rd December, 1022TA - Fight for the Flame and the Return Home.

Ignoring Leo, Ash and Frobisher draw their swords and begin to fight. Soon they are all embroiled in the tussle. Frobisher hits Ash heavily before Bruce catches him with a meaty blow and severs his arm. Frobisher falls dying. Seeking to escape, Kallia reveals her true form and shapechange into a dragon. The party battle dragon, inflicting severe wounds. She tries to flee the Oasis, but Aaron leaps to the dragon's back with his five remaining Dragon-Slaying arrows. As the dragon flies away she tries to dislodge Aaron but fails. He fires his remaining arrows into her and she crashes to the ground. 

After the battle, Salaq chastises them for bringing death to the Oasis and asks them to leave as soon as possible. Luther asks if he may see the Flame. They all trek across to the temple, but only Luther, Rayne and Amaia can enter the temple. The rest are blocked by an unknown force. Inside Luther sees the Flame for the first time. He tries again to convince Salaq to give it up peacefully. Before he can finish, they hear the sound of fighting from outside the temple. Salaq, Luther and Rayne head to the entrance, but Amaia hangs back and picks up the Flame after they have gone.

Outside, Leo's warning has proved to be true. Kharir has arrived with ten other Chaos Warriors. Luther and the rest arrive at the entrance to the temple to see the Balites fighting the monks and just in time to see Kharir drive his sword into Leo's chest. A battle ensues between the two sides, leaving Salaq and most of his monks dead along with all of the Chaos Warriors. Amaia uses the Flame to heal Leo before he dies and those others who can be rescued.

Another standoff takes place between the remaining monks and the party. Luther is able to calm things down and the monks agree to defend the Flame bearer with their lives. They set off home, traveling to the Obelisk marked on their map to the north. Rowley, Luther, Esla and Ash use the ancient Obelisk to make their way back to Griffany. At the last jump to Midwinter, Luther fails to control the energy flows and they are fortuitously carried to the Obelisk north-west of Midwinter, closer than they thought they would appear.  An argument ensued regarding the future of the flame. Amaia wants to take it to Midwinter. Alexa casts a teleport to send Amaia to the Cathedral, Luther sees her and makes a grab for Amaia and gets teleported with her.

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