Sarthillion lies to the south of Pendaran. It is the only elven kingdom to survive Rothgar's scourge in the Second Age and became a haven to those fleeing the destruction of Kathillion and Venthillion. The hereditary Athairas monarchy has ruled the island for over four thousand years.

Following the fall of the other elven nations and the rise of the Saith and Pendaran people, Sarthillion has invested heavily in its navy and coastal defences. As a result, Sarthillion is one of the most heavily defended island nations in the world.

Government: Hereditary Monarchy. Current ruler is Farron Athairas.
Population: 95% high elf, 5% other
Major Towns: Kronda (capital), Methane, Yenon
Allied With: Eldridge, Gorlas, Larosh, Cambria
Neutral To: Vanlor, Andrea, Hannor, Calador, Dabron, Velwyth, Orla, Zale, Midwinter
Enemies With: Saith, Azoral, Bosque
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