The Knights of the Dragon

This is an old order founded in Midwinter, 321TA. They were originally the King's royal bodyguard. When the Hammerwinds were deposed in 512TA, they reinvented themselves as a professional military unit and the guardians of Norn Hill. In the early years of the second millenium, the Knights became a by-word for brutality and cruelty. Their patrols accepted no wrong-doers in Norn Hill and it's environs, regularly imprisoning criminals and innocents alike.

In Midwinter's civil war of 1022, the Knights fought alongside the democratic forces in the city. With Hawkwind's victory, the old members were cast out of the order. The new Knights of the Dragon are definitely a force for good. The Knights, all heroes of the civil war, are young and idealistic. Seeking to revive the good name of the order.

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