The City Watch

The Commander of the Watch controls the Watchmen who operate out of the seventeen watch houses. He is probably the busiest of the seven members of the Defence Council. The Commander of the Guard controls the 5000 strong city guard, based in the Garrison. They are responsible for guarding the city gates and patrolling the walls. The Commander of the Auxiliaries has several strings to his bow. His major job is controlling the mercenary contracts that provide the bulk of Midwinter’s armies. He also liaises with the Phaedran and Orlothian paladins who reside in the city.

There are seventeen watch houses in the city, covering all the city except for Beaconsfield, that has it's own defence force. The watch is run by Commander Justin Greycloak, a middle-aged fighter and native of Midwinter. Each watch house has a morning watch, a late watch and a night watch. The morning watch operates from 6am to 2pm, the late watch operates from 2pm to 10pm and the night watch operates from 10pm to 6am. Each watch house is run by a Captain. Each watch is overseen by a watch sergeant. Watchmen patrol in squads of six, five constables and a corporal. The number of squads making up a full watch depends from place to place.

The Fairfield Watch House lies north of the the War Memorial and about half way along the Fairield Road. They patrol the Fairfield district. Captain Jack Darcy runs the watch house.

The Lamp Street Watch House, run by Arjay Thornapple, lies on the border of the Outlands and the Walks. They patrol the areas of the Merchant's and Walks between the King's Road and the Queen's Road.

The Bell End Watch House lies on the Zale road and is responsible for patrolling the Harbour district.

The Abbey Road Watch House lies on Abbey Road just north of Candle Street. They patrol the Walks between the King's Road and Zale Road.

The Silver Street Watch House lies between the Walks and Merchant's districts. They patrol the Merchant's district. It is run by Captain Dean Franklin.

The Norn Hill Watch House lies just inside the Zale Gate. They patrol Norn Hill. This watch house is run by Rodney Brightblade.

The Elfhame Watch House lis in the Outlands near the Elfhame. It is responsible for the Outlands District. Run by captain Olvar Blackheart

The Barber Street Watch House lies at the junction of Barber Street and Wall Lane. It is responsible for the Shambles south of Gryphon Road and the Docklands north and west of the Stone Road.

The Widow's Ride Watch House lies in the heart of the Docklands and patrols the district east of the Stone Road.

The Northside Watch House is located at the North Gate. It is responsible for the Northside district.

The Lion Street Watch House lies on Lion Street. They patrol the Riverside District.

The Harbour Watch House lies on the Zale road. They patrol the Harbour district.

The Blacksmith's Watch House lies in Poet's Corner. They patrol Poet's Corner, the Bazaar and the Temple sub-district.

The Cemetary Road Watch House lies on Cemetary Road at it's junction with Gryphon Road. They patrol the Applegate district.

The Greenwood Watch House lies in the centre of the district that gives it its name. They patrol the Greenwood and Boneyard districts.

The Beggartown Watch lies in the centre of Beggatown. They patrol Beggartown.

The Wall Lane Watch House is one of the busiest. It controls the Shambles north of the Gryphon Road and west of the Applegate district.

The ranks in the Watch are Constable, Corporal, Sergeant and Captain.

Also of mention here are the Knights of the Dragon. These highly trained knights patrol Norn Hill, a hangover from when the Hammerwinds ruled Midwinter as kings.

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