The plains of Jehilla is a vast expanse of prairie and savannah south of the Sea of Makat. It is dominated by the River Kanar that flows through the centre from the Cavinan Mountains in the deep south. The Kanar Valley is a rich fertile flood plane. In the delta lies Al Jabar, a large city-state. Al Jabar and it's poorer neighbour Yamar, are the only countries of the south not under control of the Hamats. Al Jabar is rich and prosperous, holding the coastal lands and controlling the flow of trade between Jehilla and Tarnberyth.

Along the southern reaches of the Kanar Valley are the Hamatic Kingdoms. The Hamats are the ruling chieftains of the old tribes who populated the Jahillan Plains. Centuries ago they left their ancestral homes and migrated north. They took with them exclusive trading rights with the Bwandi Tribes of the south and west. This gave them control of the rich ivory, gold and fur trade routes. With the funds gained, they were able to buy out the Tulwar assassins and end the stranglehold of the Jabari trade guilds.

Around the Sea of Makat can be found Jirada and Ymaar. These nations are poorer than both Al Jabar and the Hamatic kingdoms. Most of their trade was lost with the rise of the Hamats and their control of the southern trade routes. Fortunately, Ymaar has a large population of Saith from Jotunland and trades extensively with their ancestral lands.

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