The Merchant's District

The Merchant’s District lies just beyond the Market Gate. It is home to most of the shops and businesses of the New City. Due to the large numbers of shops in the area, I will only mention a few in passing. The district is sandwiched between the Zale Road, the Queen's Road, the King’s Road and Silver Street.

The Dungeon, despite it’s name and its pushy owner Aryor Heartrune, is one of the best in the district. For the best inn in the city take a left of Zale Road onto the Queen’s Road and follow it to the Wizard’s Guild. Round the back of the guildhall is The Chalice and Bracer, the finest establishment in the city. Just beware of the mages who usually lodge there!

The Wizard’s Guild's three towers can be seen towering over the city at the crossroads of the King’s Road and Queen’s Road. Prior to the construction of the Arena, the guildhouse was the largest structure in the city. Behind the Wizard’s Guild is the Potter’s guild, another of the old guilds. Behind the shops of Silver Street, is the stronghold also known as the Jewellers Guild. To the west of the Jeweller’s Guild, near the Queen’s Road is the Mason’s Guild. You can’t miss the huge stone pillared building edifice that is a testament to their trade. Following the Queen’s Road to it’s junction with the Zale Road we come across the Guild of Freeblades and Mercenaries, the warrior’s guild. This is a huge stone tower and is one of the strongest, most impregnable buildings in the city. Following the Zale Road into the city we come across the Food Merchant’s Guild, next to the Beggar’s Needle tavern.  Further along the road can be seen the red dome of the Merchant’s Guild. Once one of the most powerful guilds in the city, it has fallen on hard times since the Civil War..

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