Nardyn borders Jorvak, Quarthen and the Lyrast Commonwealth. Once a strong, powerful nation Nardyn has lost most of its fertile arable land to Quarthen and Jorvak expansion. Nardyn is a proud monarchy with a long history and the Royal Family repeatedly refuses to join the Lyrast Commonwealth and lose its sense of identity and history. Without the Commonwealth's aid Nardyn is doomed to be swallowed by its neighbours.

Government: Plutocracy, ruled by council of merchants
Population: 120,000
Major Towns: Oraval (capital), Caryas, Dambin, Bayter, Osk, Havard
Allied With: None
Neutral To: Vanlor, Eldridge, Andrea, Gorlas, Larosh, Hannor, Calador, Dabron, Velwyth, Orla, Cambria, Kronda, Midwinter
Enemies With: Azoral, Bosque, Midwinter


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