The Outlands

The Outlands lie in the northern part of the new city, west of the river. It was once part of The Walks, but an influx of elves and dwarves over the last few hundred years have settled in this area and have given rise to a district in its own right.

The Outlands boasts two fine drinking establishments. The inn named The Cats Cave lies on the junction of Silver Street and Khudak Road. Run by the Ogre Gromhan Shaddath, the inn has a friendly atmosphere and is famous for its meat pies. The other is the Battered Tankard, just down Khudak Road from the Cat's Cave.

The area has two distinct landmarks, Elfhame and Dwarrowdale. Elfhame was an elven settlement that was absorbed by the city's expansion and is still home to the elven clan. Dwarrow dale was created by gnomish immigrants to remind them of their homelands.

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