The Goblin Races.

The term Goblinoids refers to Goblins and Hobgoblins. These creatures are said to be the creation of Balor and a force for chaos in northern Gwelith. Goblins live and travel in large bands. They will settle in an area, strip it of it's resources and then move onto another area. Hobgoblins are a larger more intelligent cousins of the goblins. They can often be found leading goblin tribes. Hobgoblins usually live in their own villages, but can be found living in the human villages and towns of Tarnberyth.

Common Goblins - The most numerous, living throughout the north.

Marsh Goblins - Living in the Hawbryn Swamp, smaller than normal goblins but they have developed webbed feet and hands, and they are excellent swimmers.

Starkwood Goblins - These Goblins live in Starkwood Forest. They are larger than normal and very tough. They train and ride large wolves and boars in battle. They rival the Hobgoblins for fierceness.

Hobgoblins - Taller and more intelligent than normal goblins. Even though they are found largely in the north, they are very adaptable. Some tribes even live in the Thessan Desert.

Most goblins follow their own pantheon of gods which are completely separate from the Phaedran pantheon.

Historically the Horde was the name used to describe the infrequent mass uprisings and migration made by the goblin clans into the north. In reality the goblins are much more organised than people think. East of the Wyrmsdown the goblins have a sophisticated civilisation. Each geographical area is ruled by a Scarl, a goblin king.

The Horde are organised invasions from these eastern lands into the west, generally because a single Scarl has come to pre-eminence but they have been called on religious grounds.

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