The Firstborn

The Firstborn is the name given to the offspring of the Greater Gods born during the Age of Legends. There are two primary groups of Firstborn, the children of Hesburr and Orloth and the children of Phaedra and Lothillin. Several other Firstborn have been born from unions between other gods.

The children of Phaedra & Lothillin personify all the forces of goodness and life:

Dannyr The Green Lady
Annoura The Icemaiden
Erathiel The Fey King
Althaya The Fey Queen
Jonass The Herald
Mara Lord of Battle, The Stormbringer
Mayyen The Shield of Heaven, The Sword Maiden


Orloth & Hesburr:

Blade Lord of Murder
Damaska The Keeper of Secrets
Hamaya The Shepherdess, The Raven
Mallister The Lich Lord
Mandragor Lord of Tyranny
Setack The Firebringer
Sokor Lord of Slaughter, the Blood God, Commander of the Fiendish Hordes


Other Unions:

Kadesh The Dragon King
Laskordia The Dragon Queen
Shahana The Mad (Zaw and Lothillin)

Justice, Protection, Crafter, Love, Trickery, Illusions

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