The calendar below is used throughout Gwelith, though the names of the months and festivals will differ.

  • New Year Festival, 3 Days.
  • Lirambra, 90 Days.
  • The Planting, 3 Days.
  • Tirambra, 90 Days.
  • Midsummer, 5 Days.
  • Mirambra, 90 Days.
  • Harvest Festival, 3 Days.
  • Hirambra, 90 Days.
  • Maellar’s Eve, 1 Day.
  • Maellar, 1 Day.

New Year Festival.

At sunrise a great feast begins that lasts all day. At sunset a huge bonfire is lit at each temple of Phaedra. Offerings are placed in the fire, to bring Phaedra’s blessings for the coming year. An ember is taken from the bonfire and used to light the first fire in their own hearth to bring Phaedra’s blessing to the house. The feasting lasts for two more days.

Lirambra, the First Month.

This is the first month of the year. Similar to earth’s January, February and March.

The Planting.

A three day holiday, beginning on the spring equinox. Priests of Phaedra give praise to the Goddess for her blessings on the growing crops and livestock.

Tirambra, the Second Month.

Similar to earth’s April, May and June.


This five day holiday lies around the summer solstice. It celebrates the power of the Goddess Phaedra at her highest. The first day is Midsummer’s Eve. Most of the day is spent preparing for the festivities of the next three days.

Midsummer Day is the first day of the festival. Towns and villages hold outdoor parties, everybody brings along food and drink for all to share. Activities are prepared for the festival - theatre companies act out famous historical scenes, minstrels and troubadours play music and perform acrobatics, wrestling matches, horse races etc, the list is endless with most towns and villages having their own unique highlight.

The festival continues for the third and fourth day with similar events, though normally fewer than on Midsummer Day itself. On the fifth and last day, the revelers retire to their homes to recover from the festival’s excesses.

Mirambra, the Third Month.

Similar to earth’s July August and September.

The Harvest Festival.

This is a three day festival beginning on the autumnal equinox. The people give thanks to Phaedra for the success of the years crops.

Hirambra, the Fourth Month.

Similar to earth’s October, November and December.

Maellar’s Eve.

The eve of the winter solstice. Phaedra’s power is at its lowest and the gates to the Underworld are open. Departed family members and friends are remembered and offerings of frostberries are left on their graves.

Maellar, the Dark Night.

The shortest day of the year. People remain in their homes throughout the day. At sunrise prayers are given to Orloth in remembrance of the dead. The people then fast until sunrise on New Year’s Day.

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