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Melenil The Peacemaker.

The Cult of the Peacemaker is a small cult of the Goddess Phaedra. It was started around the year 700TA, by a group of Phaedran priests in the Vale of Erryn. Following the second invasion of the Horde in 635TA the goblin occupied the Vale, the western Highlands and the New Territories. In 663TA, a daughter was born to a blacksmith in Stonecross, an occupied town in the Vale. She was an unremarkable girl who had an unremarkable upbringing.

She came into the public eye in 674TA during the battle of Wickervale. The goblins had begun their spring offensive against the western Highlands. Before the battle could start, the young girl appeared between the armies. She approached the goblins and engaged their leader, General Bavok, in conversation. No one knows what she said, but twenty minutes later the Goblin army had quit the field. She then approached the Highlanders and the same occurred. The incredible scene was viewed by a group of four Phaedran priests who approached the young girl to discover what she had done.

The young girl's name was Melenil. She told the priests that the previous night she had had a vision of Phaedra, telling her how to prevent the day's bloodshed. The priests took Melenil to the local church and later that night, she had another vision. Together with the priests, she traveled further into the occupied lands of the Vale. Over the next year Melenil and her four attendants traveled throughout the occupied territories, meeting with the goblin chieftains and organising peace treaties. The humans and goblins shared the lands happily and entered a period of peace and prosperity.

The peace was shattered three years later, when a confederacy of the western Highland clans invaded the Eastern Highlands. Melenil and her attendant priests rushed to the battlefield to stop the war. On the way, the foothills of the Highlands, the party was ambushed by assassins. The Peacemaker and two of her priests were slaughtered. Without the Peacemaker, the Highland armies massacred the unprepared goblins.

The Highlanders swept through the occupied areas, forcing the goblins back into the Wyrmsdown. Joined by the freed Valemen, the remaining goblins were massacred outside Eastgate, ending the Horde occupation.

No one knows who assassinated Melenil and her priests. Stories of Phaedran extremists and Balite priests abounded. The two remaining priests continued to practice Melenil's ethics of peace, but without her startling success.

The cult has a small following across the Vale and the New Kingdoms. The priests who follow Melenil believe in peace and harmony between all people. They will not carry weapons or wear armour.

d20 Specific Rules.

Type: Demigod
A pair of praying hands.
Lawful Good
Cleric Alignments:
Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral
Healing, Community
Favored Weapon:
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