The Rainbow Ring was crafted in the Pendaran city of Yarn in 1815SA by the alchemist Zeverain de' Marcos for the magician Alonzo the Red. Alonzo used the ring throughout his illustrious career as Yarn's Magician Paramount. Upon his death it was given to his apprentice Lauren Firebringer. Lauren, a native of the Wildlands, returned to her homeland in 1883SA. For the next two centuries the ring passed down the line of Lauren's apprentices until in 2145 SA it was captured by the Elder Dragon Naymakh when she sacked the Annan city of Farrendyr. She took it to her hoard where it remained until 2229 SA. Upon Naymakh's death many people began searching for her hoard. It was finally discovered by the Lich Amarchus Solentis. He took the ring from the hoard as well as the Dragonstaff.


  • Rainbow Pattern (4)
  • Obscuring Mist (1)
  • Gaseous Form(3)
  • Burning Hands (1)
  • Invisibility (2)
  • Veil (6)


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