Roleplaying Campaigns

There have been six campaigns set in the Gwelith world:

  • The Dark Knight - The fallen paladin Addryn Thane seeks to bring destruction to the north.
  • Revenge - A group of orphan's quest to discover the truth of their parent's deaths.
  • The Dead of Winter - A group of young adventurers seek their fortune in the goblin-infested Gethan Barrens.
  • Underworld - On a dark winter's night, five young men gather at the Three Blades tavern. A haunt of Midwinter's Shadow Guild.
  • The Fallen - A young shepherd and his friends kill a wolf-man aberration, triggering a chain of events that will change their world for ever.
  • The Shadow Keep - Five young companions search for their missing mentor.

The older campaigns (The Dark Knight, Revenge) were both run using the Rolemaster RPG, while the later campaigns (Dead of Winter, Underworld, Fallen) were run using the D&D 3.5 rules. The mini campaign 'The Shadow Keep' is being run with the new D&D 4 rules.

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