Marranmyr borders the Inner Sea and is the most northerly of the four 'Dragon Kingdoms'. It is an inhospitable and swampy land caused by the two mighty rivers that flow out of the Wyrmsdown - the Bulga and the Oskino.

Marranmyr was a province of the Annan Empire and after it's fall was a succesful trading nation. All that changed in 234TA when an invasion of Shadow Elves from Angaval toppled the hereditary monarchy and the black dragons Nostrasu and Morrudan took control.

Government: Ruled by the two Black Dragons - Nostrasu and Morrudan.
Population: 250,000 (50% Humans, 25% Shadow Elves, 25% Lizardmen)
Major Towns: Galgost (capital), Iskalla, Dorgrad, Lannak
Allied With: Angaval
Neutral To: Dunnach, Aldannien
Enemies With: Griffany, Zale, Midwinter, The Free Ports


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