The Fallen Campaign - Synopsis

Sandwiched between the Lythdaen and Gaerdaen mountain ranges is the kingdom of Velwyth. Velwyth's eastern borders encroach on the Wyrmdowns, an expanse of desolate moorland and grassland that marks the eastern borders of human civilisation. The year is 1092 and in the remote border village of Malham the lives of five teenage boys are changed irrevocably by the appearance of a dying, bestial humanoid.

More information can be found in the Cast of Characters and the Campaign Chronicle .

  • Chronicle Part 1 - The year is 1092TA. The boys introduction to the world beyond Malham.
  • Chronicle Part 2 - The year is 1095TA and Hugo gathers his old friends together to help find his missing father.
  • Chronicle Part 3 - The party rescue Hugo's family and find themselves in the Werewood, far to the east of Velwyth.
  • Chronicle Part 4 - The freeing of the Horned King and the first word of the Goblin invasion.
  • Chronicle Part 5 - 1097TA, The Goblin invasion of Moorland and Sutherland.
  • Chronicle Part 6 - The Goblins increase their hold on the eastern counties and the fall of the Wall.
  • Chronicle Part 7 - The Duke and his Daughter.
  • Chronicle Part 8 - Journey beneath the mountains and the return to Deep Hollow.
  • Chronicle Part 9 - The Cult of the Chained God.
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