The Docklands

The Docklands lie south of Barber Street in the Old City. As the name suggests, the docks and wharves dominate the district. The Docklands is largely used by River traffic, the deep-water ships using the deeper Harbour District.

Most of the inns and taverns in this area are fairly shoddy and rundown, frequented by sailors and teamsters. The highlight of the crop are The Seagull, fon Widow's Ride, the Sea Nymph’s Shawl, on Shady Lane, and Lost John's which can be found near the Fish Market.

The Docklands has many stores and shops, generally specialising in the shipping industry. Of special interest is the small road, Goat Lane, which runs between Maltmill Lane and Shady Lane. On Goat Lane is a small arcade of six shops, all boasting excellent wares. On the south side is The Runestone, a magic shop run by the dwarf Durneg.

The largest arcade lies in a series of alleys south of Barber Street. The pick of these is The Body Shop. The place is a tattoo parlor run by Tirsar Invernare, a mage of some skill who specialises in tattoos and body art. It is even said that he can make magical tattoos – for a hefty price.

One of the most dominant parts of the district is the complex of buildings that makes up the Peacemaker's Hospital. Run by members of the Peacemakers cult, this free hospital is run for the people of the Old City.

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