Unique Fauna.

Black Tigers.

This great long-haired cat lives in the eastern parts of the Wildlands and in the Wyrmsdown. It is well suited to more northerly climates because of its thick fur coat. Unlike the normal tigers, the fur is largely black with smaller orange and white stripes. The fur is highly prized and can fetch great prices in the west.

Sabretooth Tigers.

These large, stripeless tigers are found across the southern parts of the Wildlands. They vary in colour, the upper bodies are a browny-orange and they have a pale creamy underbelly. They have large 6"-7" tusks, hence their name. These huge predators can stand up to 9' at the shoulder and are one of the most dangerous land-based predators.


Varn are small armless dragons that live in high mountain regions. They have a wingspan of about 6' with a body about 8' from head to tail. They are carnivorous and hunt in packs of six to ten. They are a mottled green and brown in colour and have razor sharp teeth and claws. They are distantly related to wyverns, but they are smaller, more agile and lack the poisonous sting.

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