The hill country of Angaval is the only one of the four Dragon Kingdoms not to border the Inner Sea. Angaval has been ruled for centuries by the ancient red Wyrm, Carradass. The country is named after its capital, Angaval, an old Annan city. Angaval city barely survived the collapse of the Empire intact but was virtually levelled by Cirradass three decades later when he and his brood attacked.

After several centuries of relative inactivity Cirradass has begun to expand his influence, bringing him into conflict with the barbarian clans of the Wyrmsdown.

Angaval is infamous for its 'Bloodwings' - dragon-mounted pirates who attack shipping along the Inner Sea.

Government: Dictatorship, ruled by Cirradass, an ancient red wyrm
Population: 120,000 (40% Human, 40% Orc, 20% Other)
Major Towns: Angaval (capital), Grask, Narvin, Yarglas
Allied With: Marranmyr
Neutral To: Angaval, Dunnach
Enemies With: Midwinter, Griffany, The Free Ports, Zale


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