The Frozen Wastes of Mordane

Mordane is the first of the seven Fiendish Planes. It falls under the dominion of the Mallister the Lich Lord, one of the Firstborn of Hesburr. Mordane is a frozen wasteland of icy wastes, glacier covered mountains and icy seas filled with massive icebergs. Mordane has no night and day, the plane is lit by a weak sun that hangs over Hellas.

The plane experiences the worst forms of winter weather, multiplied in power many times over. Fierce ice storms that can cut flesh to ribbons and blizzards that create giant-sized drifts are common. An icy wind constantly blows towards the centre of the plane.

At the centre of the plane stands an incarnation of Hellas, the City of the Damned, hanging over The Pit. The souls of those who have fallen to the undead walk it's icy streets. Throughout the land, travellers will come across glaciers and icebergs with the souls of the dead trapped inside, screaming for release.

Mordane is also a land of undead. Those slain on the planes icy wastes return to life as Mallister's Frostfell Zombies. The wastes are littered with battlefields where Mallister's minions battle with those of the other Lords of Hell who make Mordane their home.

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