Saith lies to the north of Pendaran. The land is rocky and mountainous with only a thin strip of arable land around the coast. The Saith tribesmen who live here inhabit this fertile coastal region. The harsh landscape has forced the Saith to look elsewhere for much of their food and produce and they have become the most feared reavers and pirates in the Stallynmere.

Government: Feudal. A number of chieftains rule the Saith clans and answer to a hereditary High Chieftain.
Population: 2 million. 90% human, 10% Giant
Major Towns: Kronda (capital), Methane, Yenon
Allied With: Azoral, Bosque
Neutral To: Jotunland
Enemies With: Eldridge, Gorlas, Larosh, Cambria, Vanlor, Andrea, Hannor, Calador, Dabron, Velwyth, Orla, Zale, Midwinter
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