The Walks

This is the huge residential area lying in the heart of the city bounded by the Zale Road, Queen’s Road, Silver Street and Old Street.

There are two top class festhalls in this area. The Sprite’s Claw is an inn lying in the north-west part of the district.

There are a few shops in the Walks, two of which are worth mentioning. Just west of the King’s Road and Abbey Road junction is the bakery Sweet and Spicy, run by the dwarf Vallyr. Her pastries and biscuits have graced the tables of many council meetings. The second lies just next door. The Jester’s Forge, run by Farath Bearwolf, is patronised by the finest actors and musicians on Midwinter. Bearwolf’s instruments are beyond compare.

For those with slightly tarnished appearance it’s worth steering clear of the north-eastern part of the district during the night. At the junction of Lamp Street and the Queen’s Road is the Lamp Street Watch House, the strictest bunch of watchmen in the city. On the same note, at the western end of the district, on the Queen’s Road there’s the Citadel of the Dragon. This is the home of Midwinter’s ‘royal’ guard, the Knights of the Dragon. Since we haven’t had a royal ruler for five hundred years I don’t really see their purpose, but they are a pretty mean bunch of warriors. Best to steer clear of them as well.

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