The Fallen Chronicle - Part 6

The Wyrmdowns . October 1097TA - In Search of Goblins.

The party travelled east, following the river Tooze. They came across a goblin's fortified camp guarding the confluence of the Tooze and Marriss rivers. Southwards along the Marriss was another goblin camp. The second group of goblins were cutting wood in Rowain Forest and transporting it northwards to the goblins at the Wall. The party feared that the wood woull be used to construct siege engines for the assault on Braemar and the Wall.

Further down the Tooze, the party spotted eight barges being escorted down river. The barges travelled by day, rowed by slaves, and stopped at night. There was a corps of around one hundred goblins guarding the barges. This small convoy was the first of many making their way down the Tooze. They were transporting much needed supplies and materiel to the goblin front lines.

When the barges stoppd for the night, the party decided to sink the barges using a number of wood warping spells to spring leaks in the boat. The attack was a success and all barges were sunk, unfortunately it also led to the deaths of several hundred human slaves locked inside.

The Wyrmsdown. October 1097TA - Return to Wolf Lake.

The party decided to return to Wolf Lake. As they approached the fort they discovered a few days before, they saw that there were more barges waiting to be loaded. At night they attacked again, Hugo swam in alone to use wood-warping and shaping spells on the barges. Durban was tasked with dealing with any goblins who might be alerted by Hugo’s activity. The goblins were not alerted and despite having several targets to eliminate, Durban left the fort unharmed and joined the rest of the party. Jason became incensed with Durban’s lack of action, leading to a further argument and a widening of the rift between the pair.

They returned to Wolf Lake to discover the surviving Guides in uproar. They had received an official proclamation from Duke Edmar Borbrant ordering them to cease their activities and return to Braemar. Hugo flew to Braemar to investigate and discovered that Vikko had been imprisoned by the Duke. Hugo escaped by the skin of his teeth following an argument with the Duke. They decided that they needed to seek Vikko’s advice before continuing or stopping their attacks.

Velwyth. 5th November 1097TA - Breaking in to Braemar.

The party travelled to Braemar and tunnelled through the makeshift walls and made contact with some of the refugees from Malham inside. After a couple of days searching the town they found no sign of Vikko or any other Guides.

Patrick informed the rest of the party that he intended to rescue his sister while he was there. After heated arguments, Hugo and Owen also decided to extricate their families. Patrick approached his family, telling them of his plans. His father refused Patrick’s help and ordered the rest of the family to remain in Braemar. After a lot of arguments Patrick finally convinced all of his family except his father to leave.

They assumed that Vikko was being held in dungeons beneath the main keep and planned to break in to the ground floor and head down to the dungeons. Durban put forward an alternative plan to start at the top floor of the keep and work downwards, floor by floor. Jason argued against him and tunnelled through into the ground floor.

They headed into the dungeons but were unable to find Vikko. They began to search up through the keep, but eventually ran afoul of the guards and combat began. Patrick urged the others to subdue the guards rather than kill them, but this proved to be easier said than done and several guards were killed.

Eventually they found a heavily guarded room on the upper floor. The party fought their way through the Duke and his guards, rendering them unconscious before freeing Vikko and fleeing the keep. They went back to the refugees, picked up their families and went through their hole in the defences. Using a variety of spells and abilities they snuck through the goblin lines and trekked back to Wolf Lake.

Velwyth. November - December 1097TA - Winter at Wolf Lake and the Fall of the Wall.

It was the middle of November and the snows had already arrived, blocking any easy routes to the northern parts of the wall. There was no way that a large party of people would survive the harsh mountain winter, forcing the party, their families and the Guides to remain at Wolf Lake. Vikko took control of the remaining Guides, and organised them into scouting and foraging parties to gather supplies for the large group at Wolf Lake.

On the 24th of December one of the Guides returned from a long scouting trip and reported signs of heavy goblin activity near Braemar. Hugo shape-changed into a bird and flew to Braemar to investigate. He discovered Braemar in ruins following a goblin assault on the town. There was no sign of the remaining human refugees and townsfolk, but he found tracks of large numbers of goblins heading west.

Hugo headed back to Wolf Lake to report. Vikko sent the party off to follow the goblins to find out what was going on. On New Year’s Day they reached the Wall. The goblin forces had been massed, ready for an assault. They also saw the surviving humans from Braemar, huddled between the goblins and the Wall. The goblin leaders offered the Commander of the Wall the chance to retreat; in return the prisoners would be released and sent over the Wall. If they refused to vacate the wall, the prisoners would be killed. The army of Velwyth refused to vacate the Wall. The goblin infantry shot the prisoners where they stood.

Patrick, believing his father was one of the prisoners, tried to rush toward the battle lines but he is dragged back by his friends. Within hours, they see the goblin forces breach the Wall. They party turned away from the battlefield and returned to Wolf Lake.

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