Larosh was originally a hereditary monarchy, founded in 334TA. After a series of military failures in the war against the Saith, the ruling monarch was deposed in a military coup in 773TA It has remained in military control ever since and has prospered greatly. Larosh's military academies train some of the finest army officers in the west. Larosh sees itself as the bulwark between the Saith and Annan kingdoms.

The standard of Larosh is a yellow, two-headed eagle on a blue field.

Government: Militocracy, Controlled by council of 6 generals.
Population: 28,000 human
Major Towns:

Larosh (capital), Carrenna, Arone, Harvel, Valan, Dumont

Allied With: Andrea, Velwyth, Dabron, Kronda, Hannor
Neutral To: Eldridge, Gorlas, Calador, Orla, Cambria, Zale, Midwinter
Enemies With: Vanlor, Bosque, Azoral
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