Hesburr, Goddess of the Night

Hesburr is the opposite of Phaedra, a bringer of darkness and death. Her 'death' aspects are not to be confused with Orloth, who is God of the Dead. It is Hesburr who is responsible for the undead, trapping souls in the physical world.

Since the closure of the Chaos Rift, Hesburr and Phaedra have been at war. Where Phaedra seeks to encourage life and the advancement of mankind, Hesburr has sought to dominate the living, believing that their sole task is to serve the gods.

In the early days of the First Age, Hesburr's Undead forces battled with the armies of Phaedra for the control of Gwelith. The war ground to a halt after many years. In an attempt to break the stalemate, Hesburr stole the Archus Ring from Nyssa and used it to open the Rift, thereby freeing Zaw and Ethyrion. Before Hesburr could release Balor, Ethyrion stole the ring and closed the Rift.

While Phaedra, Nyssa and Orloth hunted Ethyrion and the Ring, Zaw helped Hesburr to complete the Long Night spell and cloak the Sun in darkness. Without the Sun, the forces of Phaedra waned while Hesburr's undead grew stronger. The Long Night lasted for many years, until Zaw deserted Hesburr for Phaedra, taking the secret of the Long Night with her. Phaedra was able to destroy the spell and regain her powers.

d20 Specific Rules.

Greater Deity
A black circle, scattered with stars.
Home Plane:
The Red Waste
Neutral Evil
Cleric Alignments:
Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Darkness, Death, Evil, Tyranny, Undeath
Favored Weapon:

* New Domain


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