The Greenwood district gets its name from the large inn of the same name. Like Beggartown, Greenwood was an area of slums that lay outside the eastern walls of Midwinter.

Greenwood is not as poor as its neighbour Beggartown, but it is still one of the city's poorest districts.

The Greenwood Inn is well worth a visit, the food is plentiful and cheap and the beer never stops flowing. It is usually busy as it is the first drinking place within the city limits.

At the southern tip of the district is Pearl's, an infamous house of ill repute. It is said that the house caters for all comers no matter what race, colour or creed.

There are a few shops near the Apple Gate, though the only one of any note is Eglamund's Armoury. Here you can buy all manner of arms and armour from across the known world.


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