The Isles

Teltar’s Island is home to the archmage Teltar Swiftsure. He has been living in Midwinter for decades possibly even centuries. He is a reclusive man, seldom seen outside his tower or the Academical Society. His tower is located on the southern edge of the city.

Tinker’s Island is the second largest of the islands lying in the mouth of the Tooze. Every year it is home to the Tinker’s Fair throughout the spring, summer and autumn. The Island actually belongs to the Confederation of Lutari Clans and is the only land they actually own.

Faralor Island is home to the Faralor family. Unlike most of the other families in Midwinter, they take no part in the power struggles of the Old and New families and neither do they trade. The Faralors have been the owners of the bridges between the isles and the mainland for untold generations, leasing them to the city for a yearly tax.

The islands Waveheart, Bloodsea, Seastorm and Moonstaff are homes to the respective Old Families. The environs of the islands are off limits to anyone not of the family. Together they form the Deepwater Cartel.

Stonekeep Island gains it’s name from the ancient stone keep that towers over the island. It is now used by the Midwinter Navy for berthing and building its ships. Stonekeep also forms part of the Harbour Wall.

Daemoth Island is one of the four outer islands that make up the Harbour defences.

Shieldhorn Island is the largest of the eleven islands in the harbour and forms part of the harbour defences. It is home to Shieldhorn Keep, the headquarters of the Midwinter Navy.

Windfast Island is the last of the defensive harbour islands, forming part of the harbour wall.

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