The Dark Knight Campaign - PC Bios

Here is a list of the characters in the Dark Knight campaign.

Buckminster Fullerene.

Buckminster Fullerene was born in the year 975, in a small rural community in the southern Wildlands. His father, Bartholomew, was a retired mercenary who had retired and bought a farm with his share of the company's loot. His wife died in childbirth when Bucky was born. His father never remarried and Bucky was bought up by his father. He learnt his fathers farming skills as well as his combat skills, required to defend his small homestead from bandits and goblins.

At the age of fourteen, Bucky's father left on a trip to a regional market with the intention of expanding the farm's stock of cattle. Bucky was left in charge of the farm. Two days after the expected return of his father, he was visited by his uncle, a priest of Phaedra. He told Bucky of how his father had made camp near a haunted barrow and had been attacked by a terrible wight and it's undead followers.

It was on that day that Buckminster vowed to avenge his father. He left the farm and traveled with his uncle to far off Eldridge. There he enrolled in the Preceptory of Orloth and began his training as a Paladin. In 986, at the age of sixteen he gained the rank of Paladin and began his holy career.

Bucky returned to the barrow where his father had died. Using his new found powers, he defeated the wight and recovered the skeleton of his father and the bastard sword he had treasured. He scattered his father's ashes next to his mothers and left the farm, never to return.

For five years Bucky served his god, eradicating undead across the northern kingdoms. In the summer of 996 he was sent on a mission to Tanglewood to investigate the reports of an increase in the undead. There he teamed up with Sparrow, Allanon, Callum, Eric and Tanith.

Bucky led the party for more than three years. During that time, they defeated the dragon Maelwyth, rescued the Speaker of Orloth and defeated the archmage Rhein Hareld. Buckminster Fullerene was slain by giants in the autumn of 999.


Sparrow was born around the year 972 in Deep Hollow. Orphaned at an early age, Sparrow spent his early years living in the seedier parts of the city. His real name is known only to himself, and he gained the nickname Sparrow because of his thin, willowy build.

He falls foul of the law many times in his youth, but evades capture and survives by stealth and guile. He is in his mid-teens when the ruler of Deep Hollow Aden Velwyth decides to make a concerted effort to clean up the city. Sparrow and several of his fellow urchins are rounded up and enlisted in the city militia.

Sparrow, who has by now outgrown his nickname, finds himself growing to like the military life. Sparrow impressed his officers and a year later was transferred to the Deep Hollow Guides. For the next couple of years Sparrow hones his skills as a hunter and woodsman. He follows in the footsteps of his peers and begins worship of the God Gwrien, to further aid and increase his powers.

In 989 Thilas Baccan stages a military coup and takes over Deep Hollow. The guides, loyal to the ruling Velwyths, are virtually massacred to a man. A few, including Sparrow, escape and begin to fight back against Baccan's soldiers. During this time he meets and forms a strong bond with Allanon, Alex and Huw.

When the resistance is defeated in 993, Sparrow and Allanon escape east to the small village of Tanglewood. Far from Baccan's spies, Sparrow continued his career as a woodsman and hunter until he was hired by Buckminster Fullerene in 996.

Huw Vallyn.

One cold winter’s day in the year 961, Huw Vallyn was born in the Vale city of Eastgate. His mother, Clara, was a Gatewarden and his father, Ewan, was an Caerlyn Ranger. Huw was Clara and Ewan’s fourth child; he has two elder brothers and an elder sister. He has three younger siblings, all sisters.

Like his elder siblings, Huw was earmarked for the Rangers or Warders from birth. He was never fond of exercise, preferring to read and daydream his time away. So at the age of fourteen, he was enrolled in the Gatewarden’s school to be trained in the ways of magic. During his three-year tenure, Huw began to develop the character he is known for today. He was nearly thrown out twice for disorderly conduct and had to retake many of his exams. Only the reputation of his parents kept him in the school.

Finally, after three years of schooling Huw was awarded the rank of Gatewarden and took up his post on the walls of Caerlyn. Huw instantly hated the regimented, army-like organisation and after only eighteen months resigned his post. His mother was furious and after a massive argument, disowned him. His father, more understanding and like-minded, understood his son’s reasons and tried to calm Clara, but ultimately failed. Huw has not spoken to his mother since.

Huw left the Vale soon after, ‘looking for adventure’ as he put it. His first expeditions took him in to the Wyrmsdown, but the moors were dangerous and the pickings thin so he returned to the Vale. There he joined a mercenary company, The Scarlet Wolves, heading for the Highlands.

For the next two years the company is employed by a Tamaraith clan to bolster it’s dwindling forces. When the clan is absorbed by another, the company leaves for the new kingdoms. After wintering in Eldridge the company leaves for Pendaran, Huw leaves the company and spends the next three years odd-jobbing and carousing his way southwards down the coast.

In early 984 he finds himself in Deep Hollow, with no money and no equipment. Huw falls back on his only skill – magic – and begins to advertise himself as a ‘skilled tutor in the arts of sorcery’. His ruse works and Huw finds himself employed by Aden Velwyth, the ruling lord of Deep Hollow, to teach his son Alannon the art of magic.

Huw spends four years as Allanon's teacher and those years are amongst the happiest of his life. But all that came to an end in the spring of 989. In that spring, Aden employed a new councilor, Thilas Baccan. Over the next year Thilas gained more and more power in the city, until in the summer of 989 Thilas staged a military coup and seized control of the city. Aden disappeared, presumed dead.

Huw and Allanon escape the city and join up with a band of fellow fugitives. Together they set up a resistance movement attempting to liberate the city. Amongst the resistance are Sparrow and Alex.

For four years, Huw, Sparrow, Alex and their companions conduct raids against Baccan's troops and activities. They are responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of people. Unfortunately, as their success increased, so did Baccan's attempts to capture them. In the spring of 993 he began a new offensive against the resistance. His forces, bolstered with new mages and mercenaries, crushed the resistance in a series of lightning raids.

With three quarters of their number dead or captured, the resistance crumbled. The survivors fled Deep Hollow for safety. Huw headed south east, accompanied by a fellow resistance member Lyssa Gwiran. Some weeks late they arrived in Midwinter. There , Huw joined the Midwinter Academical Society. He removed himself from the public eye and immersed himself in study.

In 997, Baccan's kidnapping of Lyssa and the death of Allanon bought him out of seclusion and he pledged himself to Bucky's cause.

Callum McFane.

Callum McFane was born in the Tamaraith Highlands a member of the minor McFane clan. As a youngster, he excelled at all tasks put before him. He had an keen mind and fertile imagination. His parents recognised his skills immediately and at the age of 12, in 987, he was apprenticed to the Trevenan Bardic School.

Callum had a natural talent for the bardic skills. He could play a peace of music after hearing it only once. He had a fine singing voice and excellent communication skills. After only two years he completed his studies and took up his journeyman status. He traveled widely throughout Tarnberyth and Pendaran.

In 996, he was passing through Tanglewood where he met Sparrow and Allanon. He decided to stop and write some new songs about their trials in Deep Hollow. Shortly after he was met Buckminster Fullerene. Deciding there was a good story to be had, he joined the party.


Alex has spoken little of his past before Deep Hollow, but it began in 970 in the Pendaran city-state of Davia. He had a poor upbringing and made his way by robbing the wealthy merchants and nobles. In 986 he left Davia and Pendaran for the Wildlands hoping for easier pickings. In Eldridge he joined the 'Guild of Mercenaries and Freeblades' to secure work. He travels widely in the coastal kingdoms, putting his sword arm to good use.

In 987 he becomes a caravan guard working out of Deep Hollow. After a year of honing his weapon skills he becomes the personal bodyguard of a rich merchant. The merchant support Thilas Baccan and during the uprising of 989 the merchant becomes Baccan's chief slave trader. Sickened, Alex murders the merchant but is captured trying to escape the city and sold as a slave. He is rescued from slavery by the Deep Hollow Resistance. Here he meets Sparrow, Huw and Allanon.

When the resistance is defeated in 993 Alex again returns to the life of a Freeblade, wandering the Wildlands. When he hears of the kidnapping of Lyssa Gwiran he returns to Deep Hollow to rescue her but is himself captured. He is freed by Bucky et al and joins the group to defeat Addryn Thane.

Owyn TremyrOwyn Tremyr.

Owyn was born in Orla, in 974. When he was twelve, his parents were killed during Saith incursions across the border from Azoral. During the attack on their farm, Owyn was captured by a Fire Giant. Owyn bit the giant's hand to get free from his grasp and escape. Unfortunately he swallowed some of the giant's blood which began to react with his body. Thinking him dying the Saith throw him into the burning farmhouse. The giant's blood changes Owyn, granting him some protection against the fire.

Though badly burned, he survives the inferno and is rescued by Alleric Cailleach, leader of the Red Wyverns mercenary company. Alleric trains the orphaned Owyn in the skills of the Arcanists. When he is older, Owyn joins the mercenary company as a combat mage. All goes well for many years, until the company returns to the Orla/Azoral border. When he is faced with giants again, Owyn collapses, unable to control his terrible fear and the flashbacks to his childhood.

Owyn leaves the Red Wyverns and travels to Midwinter. There he joins the Academical Society. Through the society he meets Sparrow and Alex and joins them on their quest to Ellcidar.

Oleg the Mana MolderOleg.

Oleg is a native of Midwinter.


Tanith was a priestess of Phaedra rescued by Bucky and his companions from the undead of Barrig Ilcondor. She joins the party and aids them to defeat the elder dragon Maelwyth. Badly injured and with her faith shaken she returns to the solitude of the temple of Phaedra in Eldridge.


Eric was an itinerant thief living in Tanglewood and preying on merchants and travelers passing through the village. He joined the party in the hope of securing some money and riches for himself. He was killed in Deep Hollow while attempting to rescue Lyssa Gwiran.

Allanon Velwyth.

Allanon Velwyth was the son of Aden Velwyth, hereditary chancellor of the country of Velwyth. Physically weak and bookish he lent towards the magical professions. He was trained in the magical arts by Huw Vallyn. When his father was deposed by Thilas Baccan he joined the Deep Hollow Resistance to fight for his countries freedom. After their defeat, he traveled to Tanglewood with Sparrow and set up a scribes shop. He was killed by Barrig Ilcondor, one of Thilas Baccan's henchmen.

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