The name Midwinter is said to come from the ancient hero Mirad Wyrmtooth. In the original Annan, his name was Mirad Wythtor. He was the original founder of the city in 844SA. The city grew rich on trade from the Highlands and Stonelands until it was destroyed by Diadwyn in 1617SA. After the death of the twins, the city grew again in power and influence. It was again raised by Naymakh during her rampage against the Annan in 2162SA. During the next two centuries the city was home to a few farmers and hunters.

When the Horde invaded the west in 23TA, the goblin chieftain Menag Bargon had took the ruined city as his base of operations. In 58TA the mercenary general Merek Norn defeated Bargon, ending the Goblin's domination of the southern Wildlands. Norn captured many of Bargon's soldiers and the vast treasury he had pillaged. Tarlam settled in the ruins and began a program of rebuilding the city, using Bargon's gold and the captured goblins as hard labour.

Norn plan was to use the city as a base of operations for his mercenary companies. The city was run by Norn and his fellow officers, prospering in the wake of the Horde. Following Norn's death, the city continues to be ruled by his officers and their descendants. These officers and their mercenaries became what are now called the Old Families.

Midwinter's prosperity began to decline as the decades passed. The city's soldiers cleared the area of goblins, leaving the lands peaceful but settlers were not prepared to leave the safety of the west coast for the frontier lands and a city run by mercenaries. In the year 314TA, one of the Old Family leaders, Uncel Hammerwind, put forward a proposal to revolutionise the city government. He proposed that the city disband it's old government, abandon the military ways and institute a new democracy, attracting trade and people. Uncel was laughed out of Norn Keep and his family place struck from the council. Uncel fled Midwinter and traveled to the New Kingdoms. There he attracted renegades and disaffected nobles to his cause, returning to Midwinter three years later with an army payed for by the west.

Uncel's army defeated the armies of Midwinter and in 317TA he was crowned king of Midwinter. Uncel's changes to Midwinter's governance revolutionised the city. The removal of the military regime brought an openness to the city that attracted new business and people. Uncel's descendants ruled Midwinter for nearly two hundred years, during which Midwinter trebled in size. Trade agreements were made with the dwarves for exclusive rights to their smelted metals. Midwinter became famous for it's weapons and metal goods.

The last King of Midwinter, Yarroth, was deposed in 513TA. For about forty years previous, Yarroth and his father Yarus had opened the gates of Midwinter to anyone who wished entrance. Midwinter's prosperity attracted many new merchants from Zale and the coastal kingdoms. To encourage their business, Yarus decreased the taxes levied on the new merchants. The newcomers grew in wealth, to the detriment of the Old Families.

Yarus' first act to aggravate the Old Families occurred in 511TA. Yarus was betrothed to Aisha Hawkwind, but cast her off in favour of Vallia Maranath, the daughter of a Zalian merchant. The second came in 513TA, early that year the Darkbows were declared bankrupt and their estates were taken by the Zelcane family. The Darkbows begged the king for help, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. The Old Families finally tired of Yarus' lack of action and as a result, household troops of the Hawkwind, Horneagle and Redspear families invaded the palace and captured the King, his Queen and his infant sons. Two days later, the royal family was executed and the reign of the Hammerwind kings was bought to an end.

The following year, the old families instituted the Council of Lords. Each of the Old Families was given a seat on the council and a stake in ruling Midwinter.

Second Age
1544 City founded by Mirad Wythtor.
2217 First city partially leveled by Diadwyn.
2227  City rebuilt after death of Dymazlyan.
3712  Naymakh levels the second city.


Third Age
23   The Goblin chieftain Menag Bargon builds his capital.
58  Merek Norn defeats Bargon and begins to build his capital.
82 Merek Norn dies. His captains continue to rule Midwinter.
317 Uncel Hammerwind crowned King of Midwinter.
513 The last King of Midwinter is deposed.
514 The Council of Lords is formed.
781 The Merchant's Council is formed.
793 Josiah Beacon builds Beaconsfield.
845 The Guild Council is formed.
999 The Horde lay siege to Midwinter.
1000 Fairfield district created.

 In recent years, exclusive trade deals with the Stonelands and Tanglewood communities have increased it's wealth and importance.

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