The Hammerwind Kings.

From the years 317TA to 511TA Midwinter was a monarchy ruled by members of the Hammerwind family. The royal family was deposed by the Hawkwind, Redspear and Horneagle families. The King, Queen and his infant sons were captured and executed. The Hammerwind family name was struck from the list of Old Families and was declared outlaw.

Rumours of survivong Hammerwinds have continued to this day, some being the focus of failed uprisings. The most recent rumours surfaced following the theft of the Crown Jewels in 1042TA, but so far no new plots have surfaced.

Uncel 317-344
Alfeth 344-370
Uncel II 370-397
Almor 397-420
Talaus 420-435
Talaus II 435-463
Zamar 463-480
Yarus 480-511
Yarroth 511-513
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