Dunnach is a small, coastal country bordered by all three of the other 'Dragon Kingdoms'. The country was formed during the Dragon War of 523-526TA when Angaval invaded the old country of Arrenmoor. From the ashes of Arrenmoor grew the countries of Dunnach and Aldannien. Dunnach was formed by Galless Dunnach, a sorceress of great power who had risen to prominence during the war.

Dunnach has been ruled by a succession of powerful sorceresses, all with the blood of dragons running in their veins. The sixth and current ruler is Raiva Angalusa who has ruled since 974TA. Dunnach's acceptance of those born with draconic blood has made it a haven for their kind. Dunnach is known for its tolerance of outcasts and half breeds.

Government: Autocratic Magocracy, ruled by the half-dragon sorceress Raiva Angalusa
Population: 150,000 (50% Human, 15% Orc, 15% Elf, 10% Half-Dragon, 10% Other)
Major Towns: Dunduin (capital), Melthom, Mormyr, Rassin
Allied With: Aldannien
Neutral To: Marranmyr, Angaval
Enemies With:  


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