Warriors in Midwinter.

Midwinter itself is an old city and well defended. Despite this, Midwinter lies on the extremes of civilisation. For thousands of miles to the east there are no cities or village only wilderness populated by goblins and other monsters.

Like most of the New Kingdoms, Midwinter has only a small standing army with the bulk of the forces being made up of mercenary companies. The Guild of Mercenaries and Freeblades is responsible for the regulation and control of the companies registered with it. Companies, or individuals, are not forced to join the Guild, but membership does guarantee a certain degree of reliability in the members that many prospective employees seek. Midwinter's arm of the Guild operates as all other Guildhouses throughout the West.

There are many opportunities for warriors in Midwinter - guarding caravans to the New Kingdoms, protecting Midwinter's borders, guarding caravans across the Wyrmsdown, hunting for monsters or rare herbs.

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