Norn Hill

Norn Hill is in the far north west of the city. Once the power centre of the city, it is home to many guild headquarters and the major religious buildings.

Norn Hill has one premier inn, The Royal Staff. It lies just inside the Norn Gate. Its provender is very-good quality but very expensive. It is usually frequented by Old Family members and visiting nobility.

Dominating the area is Norn Hill itself. The hill rises about 100 metres out of the bedrock. Atop the hill lies Norn Keep, the original fortress built by Merek Norn in 60TA. It was originally the central government building until Uncel Hammerwind built the Palace in 316TA. The Midwinter Defence Council now uses it. The Palace is now largely a tourist attraction, housing the city's art treasures.

Flanking Norn Keep on the eastern side of the King’s Road are the magnificent Cathedral of Phaedra and Cathedral of Orloth. Behind the Cathedral of Orloth is a Chapterhouse of the Orlothian Paladins and beyond that a Church of Erryn. Behind the Cathedral of Phaedra is a Chapterhouse for the Phaedran paladins and the living quarters of the Phaedran priests.

At the foot of the western slopes lie the Public Baths. Once a major part of city life, they are now only used by the richer city members as an exclusive club where they discuss trade and politics.

At the south-western foot of the hill is the Blacksea Theatre, home to the renowned Blacksea Theatre Company. Like the rest of Norn Hill, entrance is very exclusive. Most of the population uses the open-air theatre in the Market District.

The Norn Hill district is home to some of the richest guildhouses all of them situated on Vyne Road. North of Norn Hill. Here you will find the Metalworkers Guild, the largest and oldest of the trade guilds. Next to it are the Tailor and Weaver’s Guild, two other old guilds. Just down the road to the King’s Road is the Glassblower’s Guild. Further along round Vyne Road to the west of Norn Hill are the Musician’s Guild, new and with little influence, and the Sailmaker’s Guild small but powerful.

To the north east of Norn Hill is a small area called the Temple District by most inhabitants. Here can be found churches and shrines to the less popular gods that make up the Phaedran Pantheon.

Though not actually part of the hill itself, most of Norn Hill lies to the south west of the hil These middle-class houses, once owned by the Old Family elite, are home to the citiy's middle classes.

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