The Age of Legends

The Early Years.

In the years following, the carefree Gods roamed the world. The Twelve Tribes worshipped their new gods and they grew in power. But as the years passed it became apparent that the people worshipped golden-haired Phaedra above all others and many of the other gods grew jealous.

Jotun went to the highest mountain of the world and there He created a vast fortress where he could look down upon the world he had created. Tallyn built a great ship and set sail to explore the oceans. Beyond the world Ramis created the Nexus, from where she could guard the Rift. Samayn built a tall tower, from where she could listen for Gwrien's voice. Nyssa became fascinated by Gwrien's creations and travelled the world cataloguing the plants and animals.

The remaining gods (Phaedra, Lothillin, Orloth and Hesburr) lived together, enjoying the fruits of Gwrien. As time passed Phaedra and Lothillin fell in love and soon Phaedra became pregnant. Hesburr, jealous of Phaedra, began to court Orloth and soon she, too, was with child. As more time passed the two couples had more children. These children became known as The Firstborn.

The Firstborn varied in outlook. Phaedra's children were of a bright and sunny disposition. They were a joy to behold. Hesburr's children were reserved and prone to brooding like their father.

Away in his fortress, Jotun looked upon the Firstborn with envy, wishing for children of his own. But Samayn, Ramis and Nyssa were too absorbed in their own lives to join with him. So Jotun formed four bodies from elemental material and took a portion of his blood to give them life. The four wives of Jotun were born.

The Archus Ring

Years passed. Nyssa and Ramis began to investigate the strange reality-warping energy flows that emanated from the Rift. Nyssa believed that if she could control these flows then they could be used safely to alter reality.

After years of study, Nyssa crafted the Archus Ring which allowed her to safely control the flows. With the flows under control, Nyssa began to formulate the basic rules of magic.

The Firstborn.

The Firstborn grew quickly and as time passed two communities grew. Phaedra, Lothillin and their children lived in one community near the Great Sea, living off the ocean's harvest. Orloth, Hesburr and their children lived in the cold north, living off the land. While Orloth doted upon his children, especially his youngest daughter Shayanne. But Hesburr grew jealous of Phaedra's happiness and that of her family. The families lived apart for many years with only occasional meetings and slowly a rivalry began to grow between the two groups of Firtborn.

Then, one day, Shayanne wandered far from home and came across the Great Sea. As she stared, entranced by the sea's beauty, Phaedra's son Mara came across her. The pair were entranced by each other and soon fell deeply in love. They met in secret for many years, fearing that their families would disapprove of their union.

A few years later Mandragor, Shayanne's eldest brother, found Mara and Shayanne together. He gathered together his brothers Sokor and Blade. After telling them of Shayanne's 'betrayal' the three took her aside and warned her to keep away from Mara. Shayanne agreed, but Mara continued to meet her, trying to convince her to come with him to Phaedra's haven. Mandragor soon discovered that she was still seeing Mara. The three brothers hunted down Mara and Shayanne and tried to return Shayanne to their home by force. A fight soon broke out between Mara and the three brothers and when Shayanne intervened she was struck down dead by Mandragor.

The three brothers fled the scene and Mara took Shayanne's body back to Phaedra. Phaedra told Orloth of what had happened. Orloth was distraught at the news and confronted Mandragor. Mandragor, Sokor and Blade lied to Orloth, telling them that Mara had killed Shayanne for refusing his advances. Hesburr ordered Orloth to avenge Shayanne's death and kill Mara. Before he could act out his vengeance, he was taken aside by the twins Hammon and Hamaya. They told him that they had seen Mandragor strike down Shayanne and that Hesburr was trying to goad him into attacking Mara. In a fit of rage, Orloth disowned his family and took Shayanne's body to the Halls of Peace. He allowed only Hamaya, his most loyal daughter, to go with him. At the Halls they barred the doors and locked themselves away in mourning.

Despite Phaedra's calls for peace Mara gathered his brothers together and they confronted Mandragor, Sokor and Blade. What began as an argument soon turned to conflict and the First War of Gwelith began.

The First War

The Firstborn gathered together their followers

Gwrien's Intervention

Gwrien's Intervention

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