Aldannien is lies on the coast of the Inner Sea, bordered by Angaval on the east and Dunnach on the south. Aldannien is currently recovering from over a century of strife during which several dragons battled for control of its rich grasslands. The country's current ruler is Taliskashora, an adult silver dragon. His position is still weak and neighbouring Angaval has made no secret of its desire to expand its borders.

Government: Ruled by the the Silver Dragon Taliskashora
Population: 500,000 (50% Human, 20% Elf, 10% Half-Elf, 10% Dwarf, 10% Other)
Major Towns: Allnor (capital), Marriki, Kharra, Fanach
Allied With: Dunnach
Neutral To: Marranmyr, Angaval
Enemies With:  


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