The Guild of Actors and Players.

The Guild of Actors and Players is one of the newer guilds. Its charter was signed by High Council in 935TA. The Player's Guild is often at odds with the older guilds. Though they only bestow ranks on experienced actors and musicians, they do not prohibit non-members from performing throughout the city. Guilds such as the potters and stonemasons require all practitioners in the city to be members of the guild. Despite the guild's lax laws, many of the higher class establishments and family's will only employ musicians who have a guild pin.

The Guild is open to all that show some skill at the performing arts. For this you gain access to the Guild's library, workshops, training classes and 'open' sessions. The Guild has internal ranks; higher-ranking individuals are required to pay higher annual fees. Testing is performed on candidates requiring advancement.

Personal training is charged at 50p/rank gained, but you get one-on-one training with an instructor. Class training costs 25p/rank gained but you are trained as a group. Training can be sought in all Artistic-Active, Artistic-Passive, Communications and Influence skills.

Annual Dues
Apprentice Artistic skill @ +30 25 Crowns
Journeyman Artistic skill @ +60& +40 50 Crowns>
Bard Artistic skill @ +70, +55 & +45 75 Crowns
Master Bard Artistic skill @ +90, +80, +70 & +60 100 Crowns


Benefits Cost
Personal training 50p/rank
Class training 25p/rank
Workshops 10p/day + materials
Guild Store -10% on costs.
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