The Dead of Winter Campaign - Synopsis

The Campaign starts about 20 years after the last campaign ends, in October 1042. As foretold in the Lathwyn Oracles (re-discovered in the year 999 by Sparrow et al), 1036 saw the start of a five year heat-wave, to be followed by a decade of colder weather. Bumper harvests were recorded in the years 1036 - 1040. 1041 saw a drop in temperature and a decline in the harvest's yield. This year has been even colder, with the snows lasting longer in the spring and arriving earlier in the autumn. With foresight, Luther Moonwind and the Church of Phaedra have been able to stop the widespread famine that has been seen in some northern countries.

In Midwinter, ' Victory Square ' was constructed in the heart of the Walks district. At the centre is a monument to those who died in the civil war. In the square there are notice boards which are used to distribute important news and also by many locals and merchants to advertise jobs. Amongst all the caravan guard jobs etc, is the following message.

Wanted - adventurers with Courage and Bravery to join an expedition into the Western Marches.

Make your Name and your Fortune!

Apply at The Sprite's Claw, Tuesday 12th October.

Ask for Selbin Blademoon.

A group of disparate young adventurers answer the message and meet at the Sprite's Claw.

More information can be found in the Cast of Characters and the Campaign Chronicle.

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