Revenge Campaign - PC Bios
The characters in the 'Revenge' campaign are all childhood friends, whose lives were turned upside down when their families were killed in a violent ocean storm. The homeless children were sold to a workhouse. From there they escaped, aided by passing Lutari gypsies. Ten years on, the companions return to Midwinter to discover the truth of their parents deaths.

Aaron Glendowyn.

Aaron is the youngest son of Sarina, a seamstress to the Midwinter high society, and Gorloth, a Captain for a large shipping company. He has two brothers, Seth 18 and Glyn 20. As the youngest of the family, he often felt like he was being left out of things. A tearaway child, Aaron was sent to boarding school at the early age of 9. At school he learnt how to steal to get by as his parent could only just afford to send him there in the first place. At school he was good at gymnastics and also had a good learning ability, if he could sit still long enough to use it. He was also good at wood working and crafts. Aaron is quite a restless character who wants to get involved in everything. He is able to bluff his way out of sticky situations whenever he is caught doing something he shouldn't be doing.

At the age of 14 he was left in a boarding school whilst his family set sail on an expedition to set up a new colony. They planned to return for him once the colony was established. Unfortunately the ship they were in was shipwrecked and Aaron was left orphaned. As his parents had mortgaged their house/shop, they were taken back by the company who was responsible for the loan. Having no other options, Aaron and his friends in the same situation decided to approach the Merchant guild to try and find help. They were then sent to work in a watermill pay their way.


Ash lived with his aunt, an apothecary in Midwinter. She supplied herbal remedies and potions to the Peacemaker's Hospital in the Shambles. Here she knew Bruce's and Luther's mothers.


Bruce McInness.

Bruce's mother Meriel was a healer who worked at the Peacemaker's Hospital in the Shambles. His Father, Gwyrion, was a warrior, working freelance in Midwinter. In the past Gwyrion has worked as a marine for Aaron's father. Bruce's elder brother Geraint had left home years ago to work as a mercenary, and has not been heard from recently. His sister Amanda traveled with his parents and so is presumed dead.


Luther's mother was a priestess of Phaedra. She was based at the Church Street church and helped out at the Peacemaker's Hospital in the Shambles. Here she knew and worked with Bruce's mother and had connections with Ash's aunt.

Karl Bluewater, aka Rowley.

Karl's father was Merron Rowley, the owner of two cotton mills to the west of Midwinter. Though Merron was born in the Midwinter area, his parents were natives of Zale. His father Heath had bought the mills from an impoverished Midwinter Old Family, the Blackwalls. Karl's mother was Marianne Bluewater, the only child of one of Midwinter's Old Families. The Bluewaters had been a successful family of weavers, owning a shop in Midwinter's Silver Street. In recent years, cheap imports and immigrant workers had begun to cripple the family business.

Merron and Marianne met through their work. Her ailing father made an agreement with Merron. If he married his daughter and took the family name, the estates and capital would pass to their eldest child. Merron saw the opportunity to gain a foothold in Midwinter's society, so he and Marianne were married in the summer of 994TA and they became Mr and Mrs Merron Bluewater. Eighteen months later in the spring of 996TA Karl was born.

Karl had a pampered upbringing. The marriage of Merron and Marianne had bought much needed wealth to the Bluewaters and an entrance into society for the Rowleys. As the firstborn Karl was given everything he desired. He grew up in the Bluewater estate, a small residence in the north of the Beaconsfield district. Servants were part of his life and he was waited on hand and foot. Karl was privileged to have had a first rate education. Merron hired the private tutor Bernard Greycastle to educate his children in history and arts. Karl was an apt pupil and became a great friend of Bernard. Karl's parents were seldom at home, both with thriving businesses to run, so Bernard became a surrogate father to Karl and his siblings. Karl has three siblings, a younger brother Merron, and two younger sisters Susan and Eliza. When his parents left on their expedition to the east, the children were 14, 12, 10 and 9 years old respectively.

The years following that fateful Summer's day in Midwinter have changed Karl Bluewater. The pampered, smart little rich kid has disappeared and in his place is Rowley, itinerant musician and storyteller. Karl Bluewater is dead, but Rowley is very much alive. Rowley traveled with his Lutari rescuers for many years and took up the offer of adoption into their clan.



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