The large island of Pendaran lies to the west of the Wildlands in the western ocean. It is the most civilised area in the north. The land is dotted with large, independent city states. In recent years raiders from Saith and Jotunland have attacked the western cities, conquering some of them.

Pendaran has no central government or ruling body. Each of the city-states is ruled by a council of powerful merchants. The merchants themselves are members of Mafia-like families. Some of the families are well known and open in their business, but most are secretive. The ruling merchants are also members of The Guild of Merchant Venturers.

The cities are all fairly similar in their design, a large walled city centre holding the guild-halls, family villas and traders. All farmland, orchards, vineyards etc are arrayed outside the city walls. Around these lands are a series of watchtowers and forts.

War between the city states is formal and ritualistic. Armies meet outside the city limits to do battle, There is no destruction of the losers city and farmland and looting is frowned upon. Instead, the losing city is expected to pay financial compensation to the victorious city in both gold and trading concessions.

The Pendarish are known throughout the north as cunning merchants who will trade anything with anyone regardless of race, colour or creed. They are also treated with suspicion in many countries as they have been known to interfere with local politics on many occasions.

The city-state of Yarn on the east coast of the island is the home of the Phaedran Church and the seat of the Radiance.

Government: Plutocracy, ruled by council of merchants.
Population: 5 million. 80% human, 20% other
Major Towns: Dacosta, Starkborne, Davia, Berabor, Belarrat, Castleport, Darkcrest, Yarn, Canarus, Port Denberra, Larn, Tarath.
Allied With: Varies by City State
Neutral To: Varies by City State
Enemies With: Varies by City State
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