The Free ports

The Free Ports lie on the eastern coast of Kaylonna, on the shores of the Sea of Makat. They get their name from the numerous rivers that drain into the Sea of Makat from the Nyrdaen Mountains. It is home to a loose confederacy of independent city-states, trading with the lands around the Makat and the Blood Coast.

Government: Plutocracy, ruled by council of merchants
Population: 120,000
Major Towns: Allish, Zalseka, Khirza, Yaneth, Kumis, Ravenga, Hruzal
Allied With: None
Neutral To: Vanlor, Eldridge, Andrea, Gorlas, Larosh, Hannor, Calador, Dabron, Velwyth, Orla, Cambria, Kronda, Midwinter
Enemies With: Azoral, Bosque, Midwinter


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