Another hereditary monarchy of Pendarish stock. Gorlas was a fishing village bought, in 566 TA, by merchants from the Pendaran states of Berabor and Canarus. In 621TA a Vanlorian mercenary, Fergus Malcobar, with the aid of Yarnian and Denberran mercenaries invaded the country and after a series of battles declared himself king of Gorlas. It grew in power and was responsible for most of the Pendaran imports into the New Kingdoms. In 896TA, the Crown Prince Andreus Malcobar led a revolution of the native Tibryn against the Pendaran monarchy, successfully capturing and holding the northern counties, forming the splinter country of Andrea. In 999TA a Goblin army invaded from the east. Gorlas city is now in ruins following the massacre of the entire population by the goblins.

The flag of Gorlas is a white Gryphon on a black field.

Government: Monarchy, King Deverus
Population: 10,000, human
Major Towns: Varjalo (capital), Tuomi
Allied With: Calador, Kronda, Orla, Cambria
Neutral To: Larosh, Velwyth, Dabron, Zale, Midwinter, Hannor
Enemies With: Eldridge, Vanlor, Andrea, Bosque, Azoral


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