Ley Lines

Ley Lines are bands of magical energy that undulate across the globe. They are caused by the interaction of Gwelith's magnetic field and the magical flows from the Rift. They have also been known to join places of great magical power, like earthnodes, but these can be of a temporary nature. Ley Lines are classified as minor and major depending on their width and length. There are many minor Lines but only a few dozen major Lines.

Type Center Width Fringe Width Max. Length
Minor 5d10 feet 2d10 feet 10d10 miles
Major 5d10 x 10 feet 5d10 x 5 feet 20d100 miles

The primary benefit of Ley Lines is travelling large distances. A skilled mage can enter the energy stream choose a direction and then travel along the Line to it's terminus. The travel can be in the fringe or in the centre of the line. Travelling in the fringe is easier to accomplish, but is slower and more prone to failure.

Location Spellcraft DC Speed Fallout
Minor Fringe 15 60mph 6 miles
Minor Center 20 120mph 12 miles
Major Fringe 25 600mph 60 miles
Major Center 30 1200mph 120 miles


Location Spellcraft DC Success Effect Failure Effect
Minor Fringe 20 + Spell Level +1 Effective level -1 Effective level
Minor Center 25 + Spell Level +2 Effective levels -2 Effective levels
Major Fringe 30 + Spell Level +2 Effective levels -2 Effective levels
Major Center 35 + Spell Level +5 Effective levels -5 Effective levels



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