Kaylonna means 'Green Meadow' in Annan and the peninsula has long been known for its lush grassland and temperate climate.

Kaylonna is dominated by the Nyrdaen mountain chain that stretches from Griffany in the north to the Riverlands in the south.

Everast is a woodland nation in the south of Kaylonna. It is home to the largest collection of elves on Gwelith.

Jorvak is a Saith nation on the north-west coast of Kaylonna.

The Lyrast Commonwealth is a collection of states in western Kaylonna who have allied together for defence against the growing might of Jorvak and Quarthen.

Nardyn was once a powerful nation but most of its land has been swallowed up by Jorvak and Quarthen expansion.

Quarthen is found in north-central Kaylonna. The Quarthen are a war-like poeple who are continually expanding their borders.

The Lost Kingdom of Rendor is to be found in the deep south of Kaylonna. Once a rich post-Annan kingdom, it is now the haunt of goblin tribes and other dark races.

The Riverlands lie on the south-eastern coast of Kaylonna, on the shores of the Jehillan Sea. The Riverlands are home to a number of independent city-states.

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