The Second Age

The Second Age begins with the death of the first Elder Dragon,

The first Annan Emperor, Sarryn, is crowned.
Legendary Character. Kathorne the Summoner. 
Kathorne enters the Rift.
Kathorne returns from the Rift and summons the Elder Dragons.
The Elder Dragon Brynaldilath is killed.
The Annan emperor, Athemyr I, dies in battle against the goblins. The eastern lands of the Annan fall under control of the goblins.
186 Rothgar destroys the city of Rozelle and begins to hunt down the Elven people.
195 The Elder Dragon Kaelvaz is killed by an alliance of giants and elementals. The giants will spend centuries recovering from his destruction.
200 The Annan begin a series of campaigns against the goblins in the eastern Wildlands.
215 The remaining few grey elves flee Gwelith to the realm of the Sidhe.
273 Ragamund forges the Dreamglass
300 The Annan force the goblins from the Wildlands.
350 The Elder Dragon Shennodan is killed.  
355 On the SW continent of Semnar, the Taurus defeat the Pellarcid, ending centuries of conflict.
511 While trying to invade the Tamaraith Highlands, the Annan Emperor Laddry II is killed by Rothgar, along with the majority of the army.
571 Athemyr IV reunites the eastern and western Annan kingdoms and is crowned the 32nd emperor.
750 The giants invade Saith island.
800 The Saith and Giant nations forge an alliance.
844 Mirad Wyrmtooth founds the city of Midwinter.
900 The Saith invade Pendaran and Kaylonna.
1170 The Saith invade the Wildlands.
1180 Raena III, last Annan empress of the 10th dynasty dies in battle against the Saith. Her death lead to 5 decades of anarchy.
1191 The Annan mage Caltia attains Lichhood.
1205 Caltia creates the Orb. He uses it to slay the entire population of Camnoss, creating an army of undead.
1200-1220 The Annan craft the six swords.
1216 Jarax Thule dies defending Gallotha against Caltia. Caltia's essence is absorbed into the sword 'Manslayer'.
1237 The empress Alena III is crowned in Farrendyr. She is the founder of the greatest Annan dynasty, lasting over 450 years, and begins a period of growth for the Annan.
1262 The Annan defeat the Saith, forcing them out of the Wildlands.
1280 The Annan invade Pendaran.
1304 The Annan complete the conquest of Pendaran.
1314 The Annan invade Kaylonna.
1360 Cadolyn's dragon offspring begin the destruction of the Taurean Empire.
1362 The Annan sign a peace treaty with the Saith, splitting Kaylonna in half.
1380 The last city of the Taurean Empire falls to Cadolyn's dragons.
1453 The Elder Dragon Galarebryn is killed.  
1617 Diadwyn destroys the city of Midwinter.
1623 Dymazlyan kills the Elder Dragon Diadwyn. Dymazlyan dies two months later.
1628 Torvald Dragonslayer finds the sword 'Enydd'.
1660 Torvald is killed by Rothgar.
1699 The eastern Annan cities rise up in rebellion. The emperor Serryan IV is assassinated. The empire descends into civil war.
1714 Merora III is crowned emperor of the western Annan empire. The eastern cities remain independent.
1752 The Elder Dragon Zastek disappears.  
1790 Plague ravishes Pendaran, Kaylonna and the western Wildlands.
1800 The city states of Pendaran revolt against their Annan overlords.
1968 The Annan emperor Taen II is assassinated and the Annan institute a republic.
2004 The Annan are forced out of Pendaran. In Gallotha, Rylla II is crowned empress of the Annan.
2055 Rothgar kills Duncan Valberryn, last of the Tamaraith kings.
2066 The Elder Dragon Cadolyn is killed. Naymakh begins the systematic destruction of the Annan.
2068 The Elder Dragon Skoella is killed.  
2084 Merrylyth is destroyed by Naymakh.
2099 Rhiannor is destroyed by Naymakh.
2015 Barrennion is sacked by goblins.
2112 Turan is killed.
2145 Farrendyr is destroyed by Naymakh.
2145 In Pendaran, Lyr creates his staff and becomes the ruler of Darkcrest.
2162 Midwinter is sacked by Naymakh.
2195 Druwyn is born.
2203 Gallotha, last of the great Annan cities in the east is destroyed by Naymakh.
2223 Erryn Surehand is born.  
2228 The last Empress of the Annan, Allyra III, dies in battle against the dragon Naymakh.
2229 The Elder Dragon Naymakh is killed by Aracla
2233 Druwyn kills the Elder Dragon Aracla.  
2238 Druwyn ascends at Ahldenvir.
2259 The Elder Dragon Maelwyth is bound by the Council of Thirteen
2261 Raeth steals the sword 'Enydd' from Rothgar's hoard
2267 The Elder Dragon Rothgar is killed by Erryn.


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